The singles that heralded its arrival were spectacular – the crawling menace of You Should See Me in a Crown; Bury a Friend’s warped, unsettling glam stomp; Bad Guy’s cocktail of sharp lyrics and 60s spy thriller theme pastiche – but they aren’t significantly better than the rest of the album. New ground … Carrie Brownstein, left, and Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney. 0:00 Spotify Logo Elegiac and rickety, it’s a lasting testament to his mordant and philosophical poetry, but also to his pain: “The end of all wanting is all I’ve been wanting,” he sings on That’s Just the Way That I Feel. Working with two core partners, turntablist Val Jeanty and drummer Terri Lyne Carrington, Davis devises a new strain of avant-garde chamber-jazz, volatile yet gleaming. After 2017's Infinite Worlds pushed past the boundaries of bedroom pop, Tamko's new record expands her sound still further, most notably landing on synth-smeared electro-pop in masterful, appropriately fluid songs like "Flood" and "Water Me Down." The Best Albums of 2019 This year should be remembered as a bridge between music’s past and future. It only frustrates if you demand answers. Southern Sky, Bad Man, SugarHouse and plenty more make this a future cult classic. Drawing from personal history — including the death of his older brother, the album's namesake, from a heroin overdose — Saadiq delivers an anguished suite of songs about black struggle and surrender, incarceration and redemption. LS Read the full review. Dense layers of fluttering gauze ... Amber Bain. By. The surreptitious Sault — is it pronounced "soo" or "salt" or "so," we wonder — may have connections to the equally mysterious-at-the-outset group Jungle, a rumor that has some heft given the evolved disco/pop/R&B/soul genetics they clearly share. —Anastasia Tsioulcas, ■ MORE: Watch Jazz Night In America's Christian Scott special, A lot of artists made big, ambitious albums in 2019, but few soared as wondrously as Weyes Blood's Titanic Rising. Best Albums of 2019 Our critics chose the best albums of the year — a format that is in an increasingly fragile state in pop music. By Olivia Ovenden. December 19, 2019 2019! Harding's lyrics are filled with poetic images that slip away when you try to grasp them — she's spoken about her desire to resist interpretation. See which music tops the charts, read reviews, and rate albums. LS Read the full review. The best albums of 2019 (so far!) Slowthai wryly evokes the forgotten parts of the country through snapshots of working-class life: tea and biscuits, hiding drugs, fallouts with a stepfather, EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell. But it summoned to mind that strain of 80s pop when older musicians would reach the top end of the charts with sophisticated, modern records that used production techniques from records for teenagers, and applied them to songs unmistakably written about adult life. U.F.O.F. Scroll down for 20 of our favorite punk albums from 2019, as voted on by the Paste staff. Top 20 Jazz Albums of 2019 Mike Flynn Thursday, November 21, 2019 The ultimate guide to the year's best new jazz albums as voted for by Jazzwise's peerless panel of reviewers – including the complete original Jazzwise reviews. Wistful, resigned and cutting, it's a fitting swan song for the decade. By NME. To see each voter’s ballot, skip ahead to page 6 of this feature. The data is compiled by Nielsen SoundScan based on each album's weekly physical and digital sales, as well as on-demand streaming and digital sales of … 2. 7. Spotify From the exuberant, endlessly intricate West African polyrhythms of "I Own The Night" to the Afro-Latinx groove of "The Shared Stories of Rivals" to the metallic, Afrofuturist clang of "Prophesy," this project is both firmly rooted in the past and a vision of a dynamic, powerful future. Illustration by Drew Litowitz. billy woods released two great albums in 2019: the jagged Terror Management and Hiding Places, a collaboration with L.A. producer Kenny Segal. Though it used sounds and textures familiar from the 80s, Remind Me Tomorrow didn’t sound like an 80s record. Classic Rock Newsletter. In the five years since his previous album, Bill Callahan got married, became a father and attained a level of beatific perspective that could probably settle international conflicts. See more Classic Rock features . It’s adventurous, beautifully crafted, devoid of filler, packed not just with hooks but finely wrought sonic details. Over metronomic garage-rock, frontman James McGovern sings like a man reading a list of demands out of a high window, but also modulates into sweeping gothic romance. “They’re waiting and hoping I’m not enough,” she sings on Cellophane in the album’s final moments, contemplating the fallout from the end of her relationship. Saves the World is an unsparing emotional confrontation that drags you right into the bedroom bathed in pink light, the dorm room with the blunt scissors, not to mention singer Katie Gavin’s torrid self-examinations. By blending the trudging splendour of slowcore with country melodies and the kind of genuinely oddball artistry that doesn’t second guess or try to make things fit, (Sandy) Alex G remains one of America’s most underrated songwriters. Shea Butter Baby speaks to an often misunderstood and underrepresented music lover: The Black woman. Dec 10, 2019 Getty. There are spectral strings and synths, bells, electronics, a smattering of piano notes. Clockwise from left, Billie Eilish, Bad Bunny and Brittany Howard. BBT Read the full review. BBT Read the full review. It’s a body of work that’s comforting and heartening in the way a journey towards enlightenment should be, but it’s also challenging, full of ambivalence and irresolvable confusion. Sign up below to get the latest from Classic Rock, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! Next Page The Best 50 Albums of 2019 (so far): 40-31. View reviews, ratings, news & more regarding your favorite band. A transformative year for music brings bold new voices and a breaking of genre boundaries. - 0:00 It's a cleverly-worded plea for social justice set to a masterful pastiche of Afro-Caribbean rhythms. Listen to our Best Punk Albums of 2019 playlist on Spotify right here . —Lyndsey McKenna, iLe recorded Almadura long before the political situation in Puerto Rico came to a historic conclusion this past summer, but the themes she addresses on the album were the same as those raised in the massive protests that eventually drove its governor from power: musical stands against injustice and inequality, passionate statements of cultural pride and a barely contained fury at being at the mercy of U.S. policies for over 100 years. It’s both stupefying and incredibly obvious that When We All... 3. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Ghosteen. These one-time music students create a perfect simulacrum of 60s and 70s soul, but lit with the lamps of a jazz club rather than the sterile striplighting of a lab. Long may it last. How do we care for each other? With his sixth album, the east Londoner cements his status as one of the UK’s greatest ever MCs. A clutch of blue-chip guests (like Nels Cline and Marc Ribot on guitars, Tony Malaby on tenor saxophone and Esperanza Spalding on spoken word) bring personality as well as fire. There’s a musicality to his delivery that suggests a man considering one side of the argument, then the other – but ultimately there is little equivocation as he condemns institutional racism, needless violence, and the difficulty of social mobility: “We’re Kunta Kintes in some Cuban links / The Balenciagas didn’t blend us in.” BBT Read the full review. Lana Del Rey – Norman Fucking Rockwell! The album cast a more intimate spotlight on her gravelly timbre and the sensuality and gravitas of her phrasing, but more than that, its songs showcased her interpretive gifts and, at long last, placed her at the center of her own enthralling mythology. But what if you're not even allowed to call it a break-up? Ramshackle hip-hop, spoken word, gospel, neo and not-so-neo soul, raunchy funk, spiritual jazz and whatever glorious noise 13th Century Metal is, it’s all given extra heft by Howard’s poignant reflections on love and identity. If 2018 was the year of endless R&B releases, 2019 was definitely the year of anticipation for more intriguing R&B LPs to drop. The Best Rock Albums of 2019. Like that opening track warns, she tells you everything. The 100 Best Albums of 2019 It was a great year for throwback hip hop, sex-positive R&B, ice-cold dance music, ambitious metal, and downright weird pop. With ambition and intent that should shame many of their peers, These New Puritans have crafted another suite of post-punk symphonies. Then, Solange messed around and made the hardest Screw tape of the decade in the form of an R&B album: The woozy BPMs. —Jewly Hight, ■ MORE: Hear Tanya Tucker In Concert At AmericanaFest, In the hands of pianist Kris Davis, a musical phrase can bristle or bloom — sometimes managing both at once, as often happens on this visionary album. Lankum - The Livelong Day. Where their second 2019 album Two Hands (see No 37, below) has a torn-paper edge to it, the first, UFOF, is pristine – but it essays a world that is far from perfect. BBT Read the full review. The 10 Best Jazz Albums Of 2019 2019 In Review December 9, 2019 3:00 PM By Phil Freeman This wasn’t a year of radical transformation in the world of jazz. Yet the darkness of their first three albums is never far from the door, antisemitism and apocalypse snapping a little harder at the heels of a new father and husband who’s realised how much more he has to lose. The Best Metal Albums of 2019 - United Alive, Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution), Moonglow, Heart Like a Grave, Human, Dawn of the Dragonstar, A Dawn to Fear, Songs the Night Sings, Hidden History of the Human Race, The 13th Beast, I, The Devil, A Pyrrhic Existence NME's 50 Best Albums of 2019. Too many artists stick unnecessary interludes between album tracks this year; Kiwanuka is a rare exception, a properly immersive album that offers space for reflection between Michael Kiwanuka’s close considerations of where hope might live among love, immigration and civil rights. Rachel Aroesti Read the full review. By Craig Jenkins @CraigSJ. Albums and box sets released between Nov. 10, 2018 and Nov. 9, 2019 were eligible. Whether’s it’s Robin Trower’s blazing… As with Sleater-Kinney’s album, there was so much noise around Lover that it was hard to parse the record itself on release. This is the first album since 2010's Refuse; Start Fires and sees Mick Harris returning to his sonically contemptuous, imperious, snide, scornful best. It’s goofy and utopian, an idealism that blows through Father of the Bride with its Edenic genre inclusivity, jam-band brightness and Ezra Koenig’s odes to love and marriage. There’s potential in classicism yet ... King Princess. The 30 Best R&B Albums of 2019. by Rated R&B. Kathryn Bromwich Read the full review. While that warmth glows through Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest, Callahan’s understanding of his inherent masculine violence, and his way with lucid profundity, means his domestic treatise was never cloying. LS Read the full review. 1:59 The orchestra's 100 or so musicians and a chorus of singers weave a beatless, beatific drone that draws inspiration from the deceptive monotony of our planet's deserts, where time only appears to stand still. Cate Le Bon wrote Reward during a year spent living in the Lake District and learning how to make furniture. Hannah Ewens Read the full review. 10. A masked metal juggernaut reconfirmed what we always knew: They are not of our kind. Top 20 Jazz Albums of 2019 Mike Flynn Thursday, November 21, 2019 The ultimate guide to the year's best new jazz albums as voted for by Jazzwise's peerless panel of reviewers – including the complete original Jazzwise reviews. Scroll down for 20 of our favorite punk albums from 2019, as voted on by the Paste staff. While that's of note, it does a disservice to the music, which is epic on every level. LS. LS Read the full review. Well, what a year it’s been. It's just more confirmation that we need Ari's voice now more than ever. BEST ALBUM SEKAI NO OWARI 2010-2019 2021.2.10[WED] Release. Lana Del Rey, BTS, and 21 Savage all made the cut, but who came out on top? Across 40 minutes, IGOR draws, erases and redraws emotional lines in the sand, smudging up Tyler's self-esteem with each new boundary crossed. They took chances. Lewis fully leans in to her best west coast troubadour mode on her fourth solo album, spinning endlessly captivating yarns of estranged lovers and lost hopes. The powerful music on Almadura will long outlast the injustices iLe and the rest of the island are fighting against. Diatom Ribbons, by Kris Davis (center) was selected as the No. —Sidney Madden, ■ MORE: Watch Tyler Perform At NPR's Tiny Desk, In spite of the reverence shown for country music made in the 1970s and the groundswell of nostalgia for '90s country, Tanya Tucker — an artist whose high-caliber hits spanned both eras — has been perpetually underappreciated. With guest artists including musician/poet/rapper/actor Saul Williams, Ancestral Recall is an intense, keenly felt and richly articulated celebration of many of the musical streams that have nourished generations of the African, Native and Caribbean diasporas — a sonically and texturally spacious project that would feel urgent and necessary at almost any time, but asserts itself especially now. The sound of drones play a central role in the overall tone of The Livelong Day. LS Read the full review. The Chicago musician flips between them – from Zora Neale Hurston to James Baldwin – with warmth and close attention, her sandy voice full of tenderness and the jazz-influenced backing sun-baked and dazzling. 12/10/2019. The 50 Best Albums of 2019: Staff Picks. It flew over some folks' heads, but only because it so thoroughly resists the white gaze. BBT Read the full review. The album’s slick production, beautiful songwriting, and high level of consistency make it an easy choice for the best synthwave album of 2019. The 50 Best Albums of 2019. Spotify... 4. 01 January 2020 The Official Top 40 biggest albums of 2019 Albums by Lewis Capaldi, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande and Tom Walker are among 2019's big-hitters. —Bob Boilen, ■ MORE: Angel Olsen's All Songs Considered interview. Ben Beaumont-Thomas Read the full review. A list of the top albums of the year from NME. Copied to clipboard. 1. Best Historical Album: Any Other Way -- Rob Bowman, Douglas Mcgowan, Rob Sevier & Ken Shipley, compilation producers; Jeff Lipton, mastering engineer (Jackie Shane) At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight… Case in point: "Te Rumba" comes across as a hypnotic love song that stands as a personal statement of desire, but like the best protest music, the power of the message is in the storytelling. More bests and worsts . Note: You can listen to a Spotify playlist of songs from these albums below. But the moniker didn't stick. —Otis Hart, ■ MORE: John Luther Adams on All Things Considered, And then, out of thin air, an impossibly polished, balanced and restrained piece of work from a faceless trio — we think it's a trio, at least — quietly slipped into the world. All that inscrutability could be off-putting, but Designer is the kind of art that rewards questioning. Monday, Dec. 9: Best Albums of 2019: #100 – 81 Tuesday, Dec. 10: Best Albums of 2019: #80 – 61 Wednesday, Dec. 11: Best Albums of 2019: #60 – 41 Thursday, Dec. 12: Best Albums of 2019: #40 – 21 Friday, Dec. 13: Best Albums of 2019: #20 – 1. On Boss, she goes in as hard as an aggrieved Wu-Tang member over a raw bluesy beat; on the very next song, Selfish, these spikes are melted into smooth R&B. Twenty-seven tracks long, and with guests ranging from Solange to David Lynch, Flamagra is the most ambitious vision yet from the LA beatmaker. The artists who ruled the year, starring FKA twigs, Bon Iver, Kim Gordon, DaBaby, and more. He gives more space than ever before to his vocalists, but he could never become a producer of straightforward backing tracks – his tumbling, symphonic funk is as impetuous and psychedelic as ever. Consider, then, a side-by-side accounting for a certain pop star who came into full flower over the course of the decade: In 2011, Lana Del Rey's mere presence was viewed by some as an affront to the ideal of authenticity; in 2019, few albums achieved the critical consensus that greeted Norman F****** Rockwell! Even before you get to Aldous Harding’s magnetic, bug-eyed live shows, the New Zealander’s third album operates on its own unique logic: inscrutable lyrics and tender folk settings that are deeply eerie yet obviously benign, like the traditional music of some beatific lost civilisation. —Marissa Lorusso, It's said that comedy is tragedy plus time, but what if the tragedy never ends? Sputnikmusic's list of the best albums of 2019, rated by users. See how well critics are rating the Best Music and Albums for 2019 Big Thief, U.F.O.F. The production, aided by George Daniel of the 1975, is like dense layers of fluttering gauze, annotated with fine detailing; floating through it all is Bain’s breakup pain. Listen to our Best Pop Albums of 2019 playlist on Spotify right here. The New Zealand-born Harding writes songs in familiar, folk-simple forms but appends them with odd angles that sometimes land like jokes and sometimes like warnings. Here, the four-piece till the dirt and Adrianne Lenker sings relentlessly about death and disease, elemental concerns that nevertheless reach some kind of higher plane thanks to the tenacious, cracked songwriting that’s swiftly establishing them as Brooklyn’s answer to Crazy Horse. As buzz bands go, Black Midi is a weird one, a jagged mulch of math rock, Beefheart restlessness and the 90s Chicago school of alt-jazz, full of the declamatory vocals of Geordie Greep (whose voice you couldn’t make up if you tried). Happy Holidays! With help from the expressively agile Attacca Quartet, Pulitzer-winning composer Caroline Shaw takes inspiration from the old masters but makes the music shine in her singular way. 20. With nearly 100 LPs suggested by our writing staff, and a few heated arguments, we here at Heavy Consequence finally came up with our picks for the Top 30 Metal + Hard Rock Albums of 2019… LS Read the full review. That this album-length collaboration by two of urbano's most visible artists covered as much genre territory as it did prompted another examination of its often relegated place within "Latin" music, whatever that is. Play But it's also untidy, uneasy, irresolvable. The working title for Laetitia Tamko's second album as Vagabon was All the Women in Me — a versatile phrase to sum up everything from the roles women play in society to the singer's own complex identity as a Cameroonian who relocated to New York at 13. In collaboration with producer Jack Antonoff, drawing on the Laurel Canyon sound, she achieves both timelessness and timeliness in tone. It features a song from every record. Months later, he released his fourth album with the same title. Look for his name in larger fonts in the future. Shaw gene splices strands of Mozart and Ravel into rigorously assembled pieces such as Plan & Elevation, proving that while some tricks of string quartet architecture remain, her buildings emerge with fresh authority. It's a sprawling and deeply personal selection of albums … LS Read the full review. NPR Music's 25 Best Albums Of 2019 We listened, voted and argued our way from more than 250 nominated albums down to just 25. by VICE Staff Facebook. There are moments when Cave appears to be slowly coming to terms with what has happened: “Sometimes a little bit of faith can go a long, long way,” he sings. Twitter: The 25 Best K-pop Songs of 2019: Critics' Picks This year, Billboard critics picked the best K-pop albums with these narratives -- as well as accomplished musicianship -- in mind. BBT Read the full review. Fontaines D.C. - Dogrel. It’s easy to oversimplify the path that recovering addicts must take toward rehabilitation. On its follow up, she continues to wrap herself in its lore. They got psychedelic, locked into heavy funk, slid into classic R&B and then cleared space for Howard to be lonely, like the blues chanteuse she also can be. It's an album that rustles with collective imagination and purpose. But it’s a disarming invitation to Hval’s most intimate work yet, one where she and her collaborators contemplate the purpose of existence and art in imagery that’s no less evocative for its surrealism. You can find the rest of our picks for the best music of 2019 here. It’s full of contemporary ennui as it is, expressed as much in Yanya’s subtly hangdog vocals as in the lyrics. From the return of Sunn O))) to Blood Incantation’s death-metal space odysseys to anarcha-feminists Ragana, these are the metal records we loved this year. As with Bowie’s Blackstar and Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker, David Berman’s long-awaited return to music will forever be overshadowed by his death, as he died by suicide less than a month after its release. Her love for it is infectious. Manchester’s WH Lung are on hand to provide it, garlanded with airy vocals and endearingly retro sonics. By Pitchfor k. The Chorus of #MeToo, and the Women Who Turned Trauma Into Songs. Note: You can listen to a Spotify playlist of songs from these albums below. Pinterest. What about the heart?" 10th Anniversary. Pang details a rebirth – the end of a marriage, a new start, a new creative partnership with producer Danny L Harle – and its avant-garde mix of airy synthesis and human tactility glistens with wonder. They say the mark of a great artist is a smart, distinct and identifiable voice. Awards season has begun and we've already seen Shea Butter Baby obviously snubbed by the Soul Train Awards and the Grammys. But while mysteries are fun, and can be a slam-dunk marketing approach too, there's no urgent need to solve this one. But also, the group will most likely be unavoidable in the new year, so enjoy the unknowing while you still can. BBT Read the full review. The Best Metal Albums of 2019. Remind Me Tomorrow was a grown-up record that didn’t sound jaded. BBT Read the full review. Employed to Serve - Eternal Forward Motion. The following is a list of music albums, EPs, and mixtapes released in 2019. The best albums of 2019 From Solange to Burial and everything in between, this is the music we loved this year. —Lars Gotrich, ■ MORE: billy woods is the rapper of 2019, Lankum, The Livelong Day If that's true, Shaw has arrived, speaking loud and clear. It turns a broken circle into an open road. The band’s picture of Dublin is as vivid and impetuous as the Joycean visions they clearly admire, all rough beauty and “ready-steady violence”; the pint-chucking songs have the blithe, amused swagger of someone who enjoys a fight, but the ballads (Roy’s Tune, Television Screens) are equally good, with a bleating, pub-piano sadness to them. hide caption, This stunningly beautiful, trance-inducing album record draws heavily on traditional Irish folk music, but with a deep dark Dublin twist. And from album opener Psycho onwards, where he’s positioned as a patient telling all to a therapist, we meet a rapper as agitated as he is angry. She co-produced this record with John Congleton; those string parts were written by Ben Babbitt and arranged by Jherek Bischoff. LS Read the full review. Generally speaking, breaks-up are trash. A future cult classic ... (Sandy) Alex G. Modern classics ... Durand Jones and the Indications. The Best Albums of 2019. Thank you for visiting To … The Practice of Love is Jenny Hval’s most ambient album, an eerie, euphoric spell sustained by new-age aura and trance beats. —Stefanie Fernández, This is, simply put, one of the most stunning recordings of 2019. Ten albums that take listeners to unexpected places while providing a timeless reminder that the boldest creative expression sounds like freedom. Del Rey’s stately sixth album is completely out of step with contemporary trends: as if a Brill Building stablehand went west on a Laurel Canyon recon mission. Producers Elite and Ron Gilmore handle the bulk of production, lacing her words with jazzy and soulful sonics that put her range on display. It practically became a genre unto itself, with DJs taking up the mantle, younger artists adopting the sound and producers incorporating his slurred, stutter-step technique. PROTO is an album about the human spirit and the future that new kinds of collaboration — or, as Herndon calls it, interdependence — could bring. The point is that the best music you’ve ever heard can come from anywhere, and this year, it came from just about everywhere. Two of the biggest rock bands in the world released their first new albums in a decade and more. The Genius Community’s 50 Best Albums of 2019. feature. She pulls you under with her. Tegan and Sara: Hey, I’m Just Like You. “This shit is for us,” Solange announced on her previous album, handing her music to the black diaspora. 7th June 2019. Blood Incantation - Hidden History of the Human Race. Note that if a s… The Best Albums of 2019 This year was highlighted by projects from artists like Young Thug, DaBaby, and Billie Eilish. The starkness of those first chords of "I Told You Everything" offer a reprieve; a chance to gather yourself, to take one last breath before dunking deep beneath the surface. Michael Hann Read the full review.